Wootton Auctions, Gloucestershire, UK
Auktionhuset Horsolm, Denmark 7th November
Bonhams New York, 19th Centrury European Art, 4th November
Bonhams, Odilon Redon;A Bargain?
Bonhams Edinburgh, 29th October
Bonhams Topographical Sale, 4th November
Dorotheum Vienna, 22nd October
Jean Puy at De Vuyst, Belgium 24th October
Caffieri Bargain in France, 17th October
Vu Cao Dam at Bonhams New York, 4th November
Rossini, Paris 13th October
Bonhams Topographical Paintigs, 3rd November
Bonhams Marine Sale, 7th October
Was This Constable a Bargain?
Christies London, 7th October 2015
Bonhams Hong Kong, 2nd October
Auctionata Berlin, 25th September
Sigalas Auctions, Germany 22nd September
Bonhams London, 22nd September
John Bellary at Mctears Glasgow, 20th September
Aguttes, Lyon, 17th September
Bonhams, Fred Yates, 15th September
Christies London Bargain, 10th September 2015
Skinner Inc., 11th September 2015
Gorringes Lewes, Bargains Await, 2nd September
Christies New York, 25th August
Mai Thu at Edute de Povence, 9th August
Bonhams Los Angeles, 17th August 2015
Saint-Jean-De -Luz Auction 5th August
Helion a Bargain in Monte-Carlo, 24th July
Vasilakis, Christies New York Today 22nd July
Galea Hidden at Lawrences of Bletchingley, 22nd July
Mario Scifano at Auctionata Berlin, 22nd July
Bonhams Oxford, Modern art 15th July
Perrin- Reyere- Lajeunesse Contemporary Sale, 5th July
Pillon Modern Paintings, Paris 28th June
London Today Is The World Today!
Jozef Israels at Bonhams, 23rd June
Maritime Art, Bargain art in Amsterdam on 15th June
Pandolini, Florence- 6th June
Hellenic Auctions, Salonica 5th June
Psatharis Auctions, Greek Art, 27th May
Piasa Sell Sayed Raza in Paris, 3rd June
Andre Gisson at Sworders England on 2nd June
Ader Paris, 2nd June
Mary Fedden Bargains, Bonhams London, 2nd June
Robert Natkin at Christies S. Kensington on 19th-20th May
Russian Art,Paris 20th May 2015
Vu Cao Dam Bargain, Bonhams New York 7th May
Borobudur Singapore and Le Pho, 10th May 2015
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