Two Hundred Years Struggle To FREEDOM- Bicentenery of Greek revolution 1821



                     Struggle to FREEDOM 1821-2021

We will celebrate the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Turks in March 2018.

Euterpe Ionides, Freedom Fighters in Constantinople, circa 1865-70

signed, oil on canvas

 61 x 81 cm

Our exhibition will include works by prominent Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century related to the Revolution of the Greeks of then and today. The struggle of the Hellenes to FREEDOM did not end in 1830 with the independence of Greece but continued during the 19th century, the 20th century and today in the first twenty years of the twenty-first century. Greece threatened by Turkey daily and Cyprus' 37% occupied by Turkey. As these lines are being written Turkey has invaded Cyprus again on 20th October 2014 and grabbed the EEZ of Cyprus to the South of the island. Freedom has been absent from Cyprus for over forty years and Our Struggle to Freedom from Turkey continues!!

FREEDOM is not a commodity and it cannot be compromised nor weighted in gold! 



History looks at humanity and judges harshly and objectively all the contributors to its course. The contribution and achievements of the ancient Greeks are still holding high the torch of  western civilisation. Personalities with writings and thoughts, events and monuments amongst us are evidence to support such a claim and make Greeks feel a selected lot with deep roots starting some four thousand years ago. That comes not only with the right to be called Hellenes today but also the heavy duty to protect Hellenism from all its present enemies, who never stop plotting to eclipse Hellenism and throw the Nation back to the darkness of the Middle Ages.

 The future belongs to mind and soul!

 The Olympics celebrate athletic glory in peaceful times since the seventh century BC at Olympia. The Parthenon remains the pinnacle among the ancient monuments in the world for two thousand five hundred years since 440BC. Homer, Socrates, Plato, Sophocles and Aristotle are the subject of study in the most prestigious universities. Alexander The Great is the King of Kings and the general of generals admired for valour and achievement at a very young age.

 Since Christianity appeared the Hellenic/Greek world embraced the religion and through Byzantium it helped it flourish. Saint Sophia shines in Constantinople as the oldest and greatest Christian church on the planet since 512 AD, in spite it being denied its God sent role as a Christian Church since 1453. Agion Oros/ Mount Athos with its unique Monasteries has been the bastion of Orthodoxy since Christianity appeared where according to belief Virgin Mary came with St John The Evangelist when intending to visit Lazarus in Cyprus.

                                  Spyros Papalukas, Karyes Monastery, Agion Oros, Greece



 The Greek nation survived many grave dangers throughout its four thousand years history. Language, religion, heroism and art held the nation together and delivered it to us today. We are proud of our ancestry, we are proud of our national heritage. Many a nation disappeared through the millennia but the Greek nation remains alive and well, proud in its history, devoted to its religion and united in safeguarding the nation even when we Greeks self inflict fatal blows to our nation.

 Hellas was under the Ottoman boot for over four hundred years, threatened with extinction but never Hellenism that was spread far and wide in Europe. Christianity and Hellenism kept the Greek flame burning brightly at the Monasteries and Churches until the Phoenix of the Greek Nation rose from the ashes and Modern Greece was reborn with the,


 Revolution of 21st March 1821 at Agia Lavra in Peloponnese

 Christian Faith and Nation as One rose and shouted enough as Regas Fereos did a few years earlier in his inspiring Thourios:


Os pote pallikaria tha zoume sta stena _             For how long fighters we will live in ravines

Monahi san liontaria stous vrahous ta vouna-    Alone like lions on rocks and mounts

Kallitera mias oras eleftheri zoe-                        Better an hour’s free life

Para saranta chronia sklavia ke filaki-                Than forty years slavery and prison


 The handful of Greeks, with the hearts of millions, took up the karaouli and doufeki and managed to liberate the small Greece of 1820s from the Ottoman Turks. The sacrifice was huge from Psara to Mesolonghi, from Souli to Koungi in Crete, from Constantinople to Nicosia but FREEDOM is the most valuable concept for humans and that has no price. The struggles of those days continued throughout the last two hundred years for Greece to become what it is today; a Nation of the world as it was three millennia ago.

 Today, the Nation close to home is under an economic cloud and 40% of Cyprus is under the boot of the perennial enemy of the Nation, Turkey. The Bicentenary celebrations can only inspire the Nation and help the new generations to aspire higher and higher and keep the glowing flame of Nation and Christianity burning in the following millennia.

 We celebrate Greek cultural identity and Hellenism with fifty works of art at a time when Greece is tested as ever once again and Cyprus is under the boot of foreign occupiers plotting the total uprooting of Hellenism and Christianity from the island.

 The enemy is at he gates and no better way to describe the situation in Greece and Cyprus but with Cicero’s saying, “Hannibal ante pugnas”.

 Hellenism survives all its enemies from time immemorial!

More on the exhibition soon!

 Peter Constant