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Psatharis Auctions Sells Well Greek Art


Top Cypriot Artists Sell Very Well

The art market in Cyprus is small but one has to be realistic and admit that under the economic and political situation on the island, Cypriot collectors love their art. Psatharis auctions is always to the front of such sales and his collection of the best Cypriot artists was obvious this time round.

Christofors Savva, sold 31,800 euros

The sale was led by Georgiou at 41,000 euros followed by Savva's work at 32,000 euros. The naive artists Kashalos made a good impression with 24,750 euros followed by Kissonergis at 21,000. Kanthos is always popular and this time round he sold for 9,400.

Modern artists from Cyprus and Greece sold OK with Charalabides and Hadjesoteriou at 6,500 and 2800. Artists from Greece such as Yeros and Pantaleon did OK with 4200 and 3000.

Concluding, we can only praise the efforts of the auction house and the success they have had. Any sale close to the top of the expected estimate is very good.

Peter Constant 

Heritage Auctions- Texas, 10th December Art Sale


                        Henri Martin Stands Out at Heritage Auctions, Texas USA

French impressionist and modern art take the eye with works by many good artists including Luce, Cordes, Cassigneul Martin-Ferreires and others. A good group of art totalling 74 pieces with plenty of variety and plenty to like too.

We have identified two oil paintings we like and feel deserve some interest.

                               Maximilien Luce ( 1858-1941) River Scene 1936 at $10,000

                               Louis Valtat ( 1869-1952), Le Tour En Normandie 1909 at $15,000

Turner Collects 30.3 Million at Sothebys London


One Artists Stands Out

The total sale at Sothebys brought in 54 million pounds but only one painting out of the 44 on sale brought on its own 30.3 million. The English master is the one collectors gather and bid furiously for and that was No exception at Sothebys two days ago.

Joseph M.W Turner's Rome from Avenine

The large canvas had a great provenance and history and there was no doubt it was going to bring in a huge amount of money as it did. Such art and the artist cannot be denied their place in history of art and passion for art!

From Representation to Abstraction in the Twentieth Century


                  Natural Progression and A Leap of Faith

by Peter Constant

The progression from calssical, representational art to abstract art took hundreds of years and it accelerated to an unrecognisable level in our days. Contemporary Abstract Art of today cannot be compared with the first abstract paintings of the 1910s with masters such as Malevich from Russia.

Many artists showed their genious after Malevich but the first to come up with an idea is the inventor and that was Malevich as Picasso was for Cubism a few years earlier. The iconic paintings of these artists are all in Museums or great collections but us here can only show a few examples of minor artists, who deserve merit even if they worked much later. Suffice to say that the highest end of these sort of art is yet to be reached.

                                           Raymond Coxon