Sothebys Abandoned Greek Art Sales But Still Sell Greek Art



                        Twentieth Century Art, 12th November

 Several important paintings by Greek artists in the sale. The quality is very good and the items reasonably priced:

Lot 45 Engonopoulos Estimate 40-60000. Good piece for the artist which we expect to sell close to lower estimate Sold 50,000

Lot 46 Engonopoulos, estimate 60-80,000 Good size painting with reference to Ancient Greece. Expected to sell again close to estimate  Sold 68,000

Lot 48 Karas, Value for money in this large painting of Karas, Sold 6,00

Lot 49 Pavlos estimate 30-50000, large canvas for Pavlos which might struggle to sell in spite the popularity of the artist. Sold for 37,000

Lot 60- M. Economou estimate 20-30000 This is a star for Economou and the estimate should be left way behind. One of the best paintings of the artist seen on market in recent years. Expect the price to be 30- 50000, if not more. Sold only for 27,500

Painting of Spyropoulos highly estimated failed to sell

Results: We expected better results but five out of six sales is great. All the paintings deserved better but but hard times for Greek art. Nevertheless, these prices are very good when one things that Greek economy is in a terrible state!!

We expect better days to come!

 Peter Constant

Picasso and Legeneck



                              Millions Worth Picasso Art Most Likely Stolen

The trial of Legeneck for the theft of hundreds of Picasso's work will start for good in France very soon.

Legeneck is accused of stealing hundreds of pieces of Picasso's work while working for Picasso and an electrician in Southern France.

The cover up and the silence of the theft for decades came to the surface when Legeneck went to the Commite Picasso to authenticate the works.

Be back soon,

Peter Constant


Marc Quinn, New Star of Contemporary British Art



Conventional Flowers With Great Meaning

It is usually the crazy, the out of the mind paintings, constructive creations, cinema and lights that get the vote of investors these days but..

Who will laugh last is the major question these collectors of contemporary art ask each other!

We are in No position to say who but we can say with certainty that several will be out of fashion and out of the collectors radar before their passing away. Somehow, among the top artists of the day are those who paint with supreme skill but convey meanings of higher levels.

Marc Quinn is one of those artists whose Flower series have become iconic images and achieve high prices at auction. Extermely colourful reds and whites cover his large canvases and the impact is instant and recognisable. More on Quinn in a few days time. Suffice to say that his art sells worldwide and is now moving close to 200,000 sterling pounds.

Peter Constant

George Derpapas ( 1937 - 2014)


 Derpapas Passes Away


One of the most distinguished Greek artists of the 1930s passed away in Athens.

Derpapas is renowned for the Christian/ Hellenic content of his work. He has been one of the most popular artists in Greek auctions where his working has been selling in very high prices.

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