The effort to invest in something promising and for the next generation continues. The effort to consolidate the old investments and supplement them with promising ones in never ending.

Thus, the two lacquer panels acquired in France by a virtually unknown artist is speculation but with the knowledge that the artist is underestimated, his price tag should be much higher and soon and within the next ten years his price will rise to about five times the money they cost today.

Of course I might be wrong but the last three investments in Vietnamese art point to good returns over a period of about 7-8 years. An investment of 450.00 yielded 3000 in six years, another one of 250.00 yielded 2800 and another one of 250.00 is up for sale soon with a provisional estimate of 1000-1500 pounds after it cost about 300.00. The Mai Thu experience points to the same yields with ten years, ie 1000% returns.

Investing in art is more and more difficult for the ones in the know as the internet make bargains hard to come buy and harder to hide from millions of people all over the world. However, there are opportunities and those ones we try to get to with caution and with as little as possible outlay.

Finally, the old investments are maturing and they promise some good returns. Whether they will be 50% or 200% on the initial investments it is a matter of speculation and management.We do our best and the markets prove us right or wrong. art can go up and down like shares but we invest in art that has face value too, not just any art that is trendy today and rubbish tomorrow.

Peter Constant

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