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Art Is Freedom and Democrasy Plus Highest Ideals of Humanity


All Art Is Liberation and Celebration

Today, I am turning my attention to an issue that many of my readers might be wondering about and asking questions.

Does this man mean just Fine Art or all art?

This question was submitted some time ago to me but time is not available to deal with all issues and all questions. Now and today, I am going to write quickly about this issue because it is so contemporary and so important for our world of this moment and time.

All forms of art struggle for the highest ideals of humanity and there is nobody on the planet that can deny that. From literature to theatre, from Music to Dance and Sport, all these are forms of art that have multiple aims that can be compressed and collectively named: Highest Ideals with the most important among them being Freedom, Democracy, Fairness, Justice, Peace, Love etc.

It is very difficult to write about all these ideals extensively here but the images I use below will shed as much light and inspire much more than the cold words I find in my poor English.

The Musicians of Cyprus are the bards of the FREE Spirit of Cypriots

Lord Byran Fought and died for the Liberation in Greece but his actions and his Poetry still inspire us today

Motherly LOVE between a Queen Mother and her young baby daughter destine to become the Queen of Greece Anna – Maria

Peter Constant

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