Art Sales


Peter Constant has been trading art since 1983. He has dealt in art, buying and selling, at the major auctions of the world and in most countries from Australia, to Hong Kong, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, USA and Canada. Reputation is of extreme importance in any business and that we have acquired over the years either when selling privately or at auction with the major auctioneers of the world as well as small ones. Our stock is 95% works by auction selling artists with proven records and sales at Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams plus smaller auctions all over the planet. We offer the investor the best prices, the best investment advice possible and we guarantee our sales for life as nearly all our stock was acquired from artist studios. No inquiry is insignificant for us, so, please, make your inquiry and a prompt response will be with you as as soon we receive the inquiry. There are some 300 hundred oil paintings and over 100 watercolours and crayons in the collection. Feel free to visit and inquire.

Peter Constant BA, MA

– Peter Constant is a retired, professional teacher who studied in Cyprus, USA and worked in London, where he is based now.


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