22nd October 2021

Artist Portal

I am Peter Constant. Knowing nothing about the art business did not stop me in 1983. London was offered for the business and by 1986 I found myself in New York selling at the important evening sales of Sothebys after starting with a ten pound note literally. Luck and hard work on my side all went well in the first few years. Combining teaching and art was fine and in spite of all the ups and downs between 1983 and today, I am still in the business of art with a small collection of art, always hoping to enlarge the collection through bargain acquisitions and perhaps spot the treasure that nobody else has spotted. More about me, the art business and how to go about it in my Book Rags or Riches?

This site has two distinct purposes:

a. Promote art through auctions and exhibitions. Offer all art services to art lovers; from investments in art to assisting in buying, selling and conserving art.

b. Exhibit art which supports and promotes the highest ideals of Humanity and sell art through our Galleries on the site at affordable prices and with absolute confidentiality as our most treasured ethic in business!