Auction Bargains, Auction Hunting!!


London Offers Chances to Invest

I am targeting one sale in London this week and I will try to invest in a couple of interesting paintings. The market is fine but on the day and in the auction room nobody knows what might happen. I am bargain hunting and hope I have something serious to write about come Tuesday, 22nd September.

Join me again tomorrow, when I will view the sale and report on the lots I fancy and the interesting issues

related to the lots I have an interest in.

Alecos Fassianos, Bonhams ,22nd September 2015

21st September 2015

Victorian and 19th century art has not been my favourite art for some years now. There are exceptions but few and far between.

The Modern art of Britain and Europe, France in this case is ts attractive, makes a strong appeal both artistically and financially. Some paintings looked exceptionally good and others disappointig. The Greek pieces were very poor and not to my liking.

The ones that I Liked the most fall in the category of Paris and Venice. The pair of oils by Cortes as well as the ones bt Blancard are indeed good paintings with a lot to recommend them.

Edouard Cortes

Sold for 20,000 pounds

22nd September 2015

Paris was the dominant force in the auction room of Bonhams Knightsbridge. The Cortes paintings led the sale with substyantial sums, which match earlier sale results of comparable paintings by the artist.

Adding more spice to the sale the four paintings of Claude Venard found buyers at prices ranging from 4,375 to 8,750 pounds. These paintings were very punchy, of popular subjects and coming fresh on the market must have helped. The artist is on the up and more is expected of his art.

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