29th January 2022

Buy Art

We were all used to walking into exhibitions and auctions to view the exhibited items and try to buy whatever we liked at a price we felt suited us. That has unfortunately become impossible right now and it seems that it will be the case for some more time this year at least. In our effort to make our site more welcoming and more friendly for prospective visitors and buyers, we have upgraded our site, we have included more paintings and more artists to make the visit more worthwhile and perhaps a better investing environment for the initiated and also for the first time buyers. Even though most of the important information on the exhibited works are on line much more is not written down and especially the guiding selling price.

Naturally, many questions are also on your own minds and for that we advise a personal contact with myself, Peter Constant. Discussing whatever issue with us, not only might assist you in your own quest for art but also ourselves. It will be a great pleasure to speak to art lovers from all over the globe.