Buy What You Like and Can Afford At Auctions and Galleries!

I Don’t Know what to Buy!!

The usual statement and worry of many people when they want to buy something they see but have worries. Well, do not worry and jump into the are of arena of art with one worry or rather two worries only

Do I like what I see?

Can I afford what I like?

If the above two questions result in an affirmative reply, then do not hesitate. Buy and enjoy!

When I started buying art I bought on instinct and decorative reasons and I was not that wrong, I can assure you. As a matter of fact the first major success I had in trading art happened at Sothebys London. The samll watercolour of the Bay of Naples by a Sydney Lawrence, proved to be a great investment as my 75.00 investment became about 1800 pounds within eighteen months, as the painting belonged to the famous American artist Sydney Laurence. I bought the watercolour because I liked the image and I happen to have the £75.00 in 1984.

Auctions today do offer many opportunities still but my own experience says that the competition is formidable and hard to make those sort of investments any more. Well, I have so many stories that happened twenty years later after 1984 and therefore, I do believe that your chances are as good as mine were many years ago. The world is on you computer, the auctions are at home.

Buy what you like and can afford!

Walking into the Philips salerooms in London back in the 1990s was a weekly affair. Many paintings, many antiques and opportunities aplenty for those who were patient and had the money to invest in anything artistically competent and beautiful. I did buy many pieces at Philips and I sold too. The piece I am to talk about toady is still in my collection and I will not possible part with it in this lifetime.

I entered the main rooms of Philips but I missed the few paintings hanging outside. Usually they hanged the big size ones on the outside walls. Made my rounds in the saleroom and I saw nothing to attract me and to make me think about. Walking frustrated outside, I looked at the paintings hanging and crowded next to each other on the walls outside the gallery room.

The painting was nearly lost among bigger paintings but it spoke to me of art at once. It was about artists and traditions of far away and very much in vogue any day. I loved the people, I loved the activity, I loved the style and the 350.00 I paid back in the late 1990s was not too much for such a painting. For more in my Book Rags or Riches.

Who is Gabriel Custodio?

I had NO idea who Custodio was but I knew the moment I bought the painting that it was a quality painting by an artist who knew his art well. Well, Custodio turned out to be a Philippino artist from Manilla, who was a student of the master Amorsolo. The painting is signed and dated 1956 and of the best period of the work of the artist. Apart from all its artistic and subject merits, it boasts a great large size that makes the painting one for museums.

I liked the painting, I could afford it and now I love it and can afford to keep it for ever!!

Peter Constant

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