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Collecting art started very early for me but I never knew about it. I had a penny in 1979 and the first thing I bought with my wife was a painting. Whenever I had a penny, I found myself in exhibitions and galleries looking for another piece of art I could not afford. It was all lurking there until I arrived in London back in 1983, when out of the blue I started something for fun, that turned into business and finally collecting whatever my pocket could afford or not.

Here I am today talking about a small , insignificant collection because the David Bowie collection is coming up for sale at Sothebys, London. I am sure he started like myself with a few pounds investment to end up with significant pieces of art as the exhibitions shows. It ii always small and cheap items and then it continues with better and more expensive pieces in all areas.

I have wasted so much money buying odd vases, crockery, rugs etc. I have bought so much furniture that I liked but of little value but that is how a collection is formed. Bit by bit, slowly and gradually and I am still at it. Never stopping, never selling now and always hoping for that bargain, that will escape the attentions of all the planet, if that is possible nowadays.

Thus the collection of mine cannot be compared to the Bowie one but, hey, I am proud of it regardless. It is not just about money, it is more about emotions and connection with what is in the collection.

Cyprus and its People

It is never late to start a collection and my advice is to all my readers:

Start collecting today!! Keep what you buy, buy what you can afford and keep it for good!!

Peter Constant

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