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Degas, Rodin, Van Gogh, Picasso at Christies Tonight


Art Museums Would Love To Show

On Bond Street and the rain is now dampening my mood. But, nothing can really stop me from doing what I started to do on the day. I am determined, I am full of energy and onwards to Christies and St James’.

Bond Street is not busy and the rain comes down gently. Thank God for that. Quick through Old Bond Street and in about ten minutes I am standing in front of Christies building. Impressive, the whole block of the building belongs to Christies now.

Christies Entrance in London

It looks quiet outside but the moment you enter the famous auction house there is a crowd going about its business. I stop and look at the impressive Rolls Royce engine to the right of the room. It fits into the art world of today. I look at it, I go round it and marvel at the technology of yesteryear and wonder how an engine of today looks like. Perhaps next time, there will be one somewhere to see.

People going up and down the stairs to the main gallery of Christies. Into the main room where a Rodin stands impressive in the middle of the room. It is very impressive, it is classical and that is what I am all about. Classical, conservative, mesmerizing beauty of the human form.

Beyond it stands the Monet. I go close, I look, I see but it is not like the Lilies series in my eyes. Hope I am wrong about its merits and it sells very well as it is a lovely Monet with colours appealing to the eye and colouration that I like a lot.

Next to that on its right is the Degas. Very much what I like in a painting and Ballerinas and their life is Degas and nobody else among the impressionists of the 1870s.

Edgar Degas

I stand and look. I enjoy the art, I like the scene and I imagine how artists in all the arts in those days lived, worked and went about their daily lives. Now, in our days, we look, we enjoy and imagine simpler life, perhaps in less comfort but possibly in happier circumstances and times. This is a very good painting by the artist and I am sure it will sell well over its low estimate.

The rooms are full of works of art by artists we all love to see and study. Cezanne, Monet, Rodin, Chagall, Van Gogh, Van Dongen, Picasso etc Cramming them all over the rooms does not make them that accessible and I must admit that there so much Christies can show in these rooms.

One set of paintings I liked in the main gallery were the two Signac paintings on sale but of a late period. Regardless, I like the art, I like the paintings and I hope they do well.

Paul Signac

Perhaps I am too sentimental about impressionist/ pointillist art. Perhaps it touches something in me that I am not aware of but.. What is wrong in liking this type of art? Landscape appealing, colouration superb and calming of the mind and soul.

There is a lot more to say here about the art on display at Christies including their Contemporary art display.

Before I close today’s Blog I leave you with a painting from the collection!!

Vasilis Zenetzis, an impressionist that the eye likes and investors are to hear a lot more in the short term.

St Neophytos Monastery, Paphos Cyprus

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