Egon Schiele at the Leopold Museum, Vienna


Never Expected So Many Pieces by Schiele but It’s Vienna, Hometown

Let’s go upstairs. I am so anxious to see what the Schieles of the museum look like. I am tired of looking at these artists and especially some 19th century art. I have seen enough of them!! No more, they are so boring. Who was saying that? Myself, the art lover who knew nothing else but 19th century art thirty years ago.

Now, I want to see no more of that!! What a fundamental change!!

Am I climbing or flying the stairs to the second floor or first floor as some may call it. Wait a minute. I am confused now. Which came first. His drawings and watercolours or his major canvases. I forget as I never made notes. I just looked, digested and looked again!! So many rooms full of art by the artist that the word adores for his emotionally charged paintings but also drawings.

Does it matter though? It’s a feast to the eye, it’s education for the ignorant like myself, it is a miraculous array of works of art that demand imagination which the artist had in abundance. Emotion he must have had for millions of people in one person!

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