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FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY Matter More Than Money!!


At the Threshold of Inhumanity

To support the Freedom of one one’s country is patriotic and a duty.

To support the Democratic processes and Freedom of one’s country is patriotic and the duty of everybody.

To support Freedom, Democracy and Justice all over our planet is the Humanity all people of the planet must show in the hour of need of any Nation, any group of people on our earth.

A FREEDOM Cry from the Concentration Camps of Auschwitz by Paul Kallos, a survivor of the camps.

Our world has been driven to despair in the last hundred years fighting for FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE for all and especially in Europe, where the whole world got involved in two World Wars to protect what we all cherish and we all have as the highest ideals of our lives:


In certain areas of Europe small Nations are struggling to remain FREE and DEMOCRATIC today. The powers of money in Europe have become not only aggressive economically but politically too. Money power has brought with it political might and from a FREE Europe of sixty years ago after a destructive WWII, there is unfortunately a real danger of a Despotic Europe governed by the Nation that caused two bloody World Wars between 1914-18 and 1940-45.

The duty of all of us FREE Democratic thinking humans is to try to avert such catastrophe on humanity. This is not the struggle of just a couple of small nations, this is the struggle of the majority of nations in Europe. The struggle is suppressed, the FREEDOM cry is suffocated and Democracy is assassinated at this vary moment in Europe.

Freedom Fighters in Ottoman Empire’s slave Bazaar of Constantinople, by Euterpe Ionides a lady living in today’s Istanbul in 1820s

We are an art site with a destiny to fulfill, God willing. Our logo, our purpose in life is FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE for all. Support us in our efforts to keep our world FREE, DEMOCRATIC, JUST and prospering away and FREE of further bloodsheds.

Humanity calls for Unity against Inhumanity!

Please share for all humanity, not just a small country in Europe!

Peter Constant

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