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Freedom in Art, Liberation in Art!


Many Liberation Movements Have Been Called Terrorist Uprisings!

This is the policy of today and the policy of old days to call those fighting for FREEDOM and LIBERATION rebels, extremists, revolutionaries, terrorists! That of course applies to Nations which struggle for their FREEDOM, not to small terrorists groups who take upon them to change the world by bombing and terrorising Nations, rather than Liberating one.

When the Greek Revolution of 1821 happened some 200 years ago, the initial reaction of Ottoman Turks and others was to call them rebels, terrorists etc. However, when the Revolution became more obvious, more vigorous and more known by feats of heroism and acts of savery by the Turks, the world changed tune, the world began to look at the Greek Revolution as a National Uprising. That led to all kinds of help for the Greeks, all Philhellenic attitude from the major powers and final intervention to assist Greece to gain its FREEDOM and Independence.

Delacroix and Greek Fighters Against Turks

The Heroes of Greece became the heroes of Europe and giant artists and Friends of Greece took it upon them to assist the Greek cause through their art. Delacroix in France became the greatest artist to take up the heroic actions of Greece and depict them in all their glory for Europe to admire and Europe to turn its attention to the Greek Revolution and Liberation.

In Britain the feelings of Humanity and Liberation of a Nation with Great History and contribution to Humanity touched the hearts of many and none more than Lord Byron, who not only wrote his great poetry for Greece but also died for the cause of Greece in Messolonghi alongside the fighters of the city against the Ottoman Turks.

Lord Byron

That is what happened two hundred years ago in one country and one nation. Freedom and Democracy is our cause today and many artists in all disciplines try to promote and bring about FREEDOM and Democracracy to nations and groups of people who are suffering in our world today.

No Slavery and Slave Bazaars

Enslaving and selling women and children as slaves was abolished in Ottoman Turkey in 1840 after major artists condemned it and painted the subject!

Slave Bazaar in Istanbul by Euterpe Ionides


WeiWei is a contemporary Chinese artist who has taken the cause of the Refugees of Greece to his heart. He lives among the refugees, he works for the refugees and exhibits his art for the benefit of the refugees. Musicians write and sing for the major issues of today, which are always the same issues:


I have decided to touch this issue today because the UK is trying to regain its FREEDOM and Independence from EU but BIG Powers are not of the same view as it does not serve their interests! I find it incredible that a certain 50% of UK population want to sell their FREEDOM to EU regardless of any benefits, when all Humanity struggles to Gain or Regain its Independence!!

Peter Constant

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