Life is weirdly taking us to places we never thought of, events we never expected and adventures that were inconceivable some years earlier. I abandoned a very good job in Athens in 1982 as I foresaw the ugly events that were to follow in Greece later. I wanted to better myself and working for the sake of working was not me. Thus, I damped a very good job, I left the home I made and off I went to seek my fortune in the open world of those years.

After a year’s study in USA, I ended up in UK and settled in London since August 1983. I had no idea that in October 1983, I would walk into the office of a Barclays Bank manager asking for 2000 pounds to start a business I had NO idea about. He wisely rejected my request in order to make it possible 18 months later with a bigger loan/overdraft facility because I proved I could be a successful small business person.

Thus my new venture, my new life not just as a teacher began; I was a young entrerpreneur in a country where business is cherished and allowed to flower and blossom. That I pursued with belief, with zest and passion for years and I am here now to narrate to all that the business succeeded and any failures were my failures, NOT the business’.


The blog today is not to re-write what happened to me in those years but what might happen to any aspiring young person who would want to start a new business, go his/her way to succeed in life in a world that is more and more accessible to business. The world is small in terms of trade now and it is only the press of a button of your computer that makes the money or loses the opportunity. The new circumstances of the country, the UK, offer new opportunities, they do not take away opportunities.

FREEDOM to Trade and do business derives from the absolute freedom as a NATION.

In 1983 I took art to make it my second job and make it a success. The young of today, the hard working young of UK are given the opportunity to get down to work and make the UK a better economy, a better society and a better place to live in not just in EU but the whole world, freely, I repeat FREELY!!

A country of 67 million and soon seventy million can make its way in this world proudly and announce itself again on the table of negotiations, table of business, rather than being represented by proxies whose interests might lie elsewhere!

My blog and my book Rags or Riches has more on my venture into art for those interested to read more!!

Peter Constant

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