Greek Sale at Bonhams London, 28th April


Is this the Right Time to Look for Bargains in Greek Art Market?

When is the best time to invest in anything?

When the market is at its peak, which is what most of us do or when the market is down to levels that allow optimism for better things to come?

The question is really academic as most of us go in a market when all the media and all the gurus advise to invest in but we avoid the retreating or falling markets. Well, here is an investor but also art lover who says,

“Buy when the market is down”

The Greek sale at Bonhams on 28th April has some good pieces and some that are for sure bargains provided they sell at the estimates advertised. The on painting we like and feel deserves much better is by an artist who produced little and there is very little out in the markets:

Jean Altamura, Lot 8 estimated 20,000- 30,000 but my feeling is that this oil painting will sell well above the low and high estimate

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