Impressionist Artist of Some Quality – From Athens to London and Beyond


How Can an Artists be so Overlooked and Neglected by Collectors?

It is October 1988 and the markets are just about recovering from the stock exchanges crash of 1987. I was not affected by that calamitous event, which it was a miracle to be honest. Everybody was affected but art in my hands was not or escaped that terrible event and its consequences.

I was in Athens buying, selling and looking around for something to put my hands on. The Greek market bucked the trend of the day and I was going along with it. Thus in the samll gallery in the centre of Athens among about thirty odd artists I spotted the work of an impressionist artist, who sttod out not only because of his style but also his colouration and subject. An impressionist artist who was to be a well known name in London in a few years time.

Vasilis Zenetzis

Monastiraki With Acropolis Beyond

Zenetzis’ work was very good quality in my eyes and soon enough I met him and commissioned 32 paintings for an exhibition in September- October 1989. It was a low affair event as it was my first exhibition, the artist’s first in London and I had no idea how it would end up. The art was beautiful, the paintings looked amazingly fresh and well painted and if my memory does not fail me, I sold paintings to collectors from Japan, Australia, USA, and several London first time collectors.

The result of the Zenetzis show was unexpected but also very welcome. It was followed by several other exhibitions of the artist with equally very good results. Sales of his at the major auctions of London, Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams established his name as an artist of impressionist views of Greece and especially Ahtnes and its Ancient Monuments.

An unknown Greek artist became a much sought after in London until 2008 when the Greek market fell off the cliff. However good artists, good art and landascpe views of well known and much desired places are always attracting investors and collectors.

Vasilis Zenetzis

Stylea of Olympian Zeus, Athens

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