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  • Indian Art Promises A Lot, 31st March 2015

Indian Art Promises A Lot, 31st March 2015


Why The Indian Cub-Continent Promises Plenty to Investors?

When new developments, new markets start moving or changing direction, then it time for the investor / collector to pay attention and examine what is happening and what might happen soon before everybody is awaken to facts and figures!

Indian art and especially fine art has been on the up for a few years now. With major names of Indian artists reaching the million pounds sales or thereabout, investors must look into the possibilities not only of the top artists but also artists of lower auction price brackets.

No secret that artists such as Raza, Souza, Mehta, Zarina, Khakar, Gaitonde are the blue chips of Indian art but many more deserve similar comments and others are on the way there.

We have No accurate figures of how much exactly in percentage terms the market has gone up over the last fifteen years. The one piece we invested in some years back made 40% FROM AUCTION TO AUCTION and a small profit of 10% on a 5000 pounds investment.

I will be back with more soon in order to finish this entry in a more comprehensive way!!

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