Invest Wisely, Invest in What You Like!


I Love Marine!

Most big collectors will tell me, that is NO collecting for profit. No, it is collecting for self indulgence, satisfaction and YES, it is also a small investment that will be popular through the ages. Of course I wont make millions but I will not invest millions either and the risk in my case is nearly zero.

Thus my investments in many Marine paintings that satisfy me and also hope will reward me financially in the future. I have not only invested in Marine art directly from artists but also from auctions. I have already talked about the marine Art of Leon Kalogeropoulos and how his art appreciated considerably in a short time after I commission about forty pieces of his art.

Leon Kalogeropoulos

I will talk about Marine Art that appears at auction and you might have a chance to view it, like it and perhaps would like to buy it for two reasons:

I like it and I can live with it.

I do not know about its financial prospects but…

First Real Money from Something I knew Nothing About!

The break into the real art market happened for me because I invested 75.00 pounds in something that I liked but knew nothing about its value and its artist. In 1986 making 1800.00 from such a small investment was very important. Thus my advice is serious and well founded. Worry NOT about any returns; buy because you like the piece of art.

I Do know About Prices

I acquire art at auction for two reasons. I like the pieces and they also make financial sense. Finally, I can afford them and if I kept them for decades I will not need my investment back.

Why does an artist worth anything between 1000-10,000 pounds sells for £300?

Do not ask the questions but go ahead and buy such a piece as long as it is genuine. Keep it and you will never regret it. That was the case three years ago when I bought a painting by Henry Scott for 300 pounds because it failed to sell at Christies in London for 1200 pounds.

Henry Scott

That was a wise investment, I like the painting and never ever, I will lose money on such investment now or in the future.

Peter Constant

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