Jeff koons, The Star Of Contemporary American art


Jeff Koons ( American 1955- )

Contemporary Art has already surpassed in popularity the art of the Impressionists and other genres of art . It continues to make bold strides further and in pursuit of the ONE BILLION mark sale., which is not a dream, and it looks more and more likely to happen soon as we are already at the 800 million sales.

Today, I select carefully an artist who will NO doubt play a very important role in creating that billion sale in the very near future. The work of Koons is not accidental, nor easy to produce and hard to acquire as the artist is extremely selective in what he produces and who he sells to. Images such the ones we use below are unique and demand careful examination and thinking.

Balloon Swan Sold at Christies for 15 million dollars

It looks simple in appearance but when one takes into account a solid bronze creation plus all the enamels and work to give it, its shiny looks, one realises that a lot of work, perhaps months went into it.

Incredible Hulk at Belvedere, Vienna


Artists are creative beings who always try to convey a message through their art. Koons seems at times an artist creating simple images and everyday objects or animals in bronze, enamelled and shiny. At times he uses resin etc and in the case of Incredible Hulk, I felt that it was some kind of resin or hard plastic when I furtively touched it in Vienna.

I was particularly impressed by the work of Koons as it finds itself as the welcoming figure in the Belvedere, which is indeed an exception to the mainly 19th-20th century art one sees in the museum. Incredible work and incredible creation but the message is crystal clear to all of us. Getting angry destroys our Human Appearance and makes us more than an animal.

Peter Constant

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