London Alive and Kicking Today II


Travelling To central London to the National Gallery

1st June 2015

London is a huge metropolis that works and lives using a complex transport system of trains, buses, taxes, bicycles nowadays. The most important of all transport means is the #Underground or Metro or Subway or …

Living in the suburbs of London has many advantages but the most important one is having an Underground station close by and living in the second or third zones. Both of those are a lucky event for me and here I am going to the Underground to get to central London.

The 1930s station of East Finchley is indeed in the Art Deco style and some of its features support that date. The front of the station and its windows and notice also the art deco statue of the archer on the station itself.

There is nothing special about this station as the Northern Line is not looked after that well yet. Its time and renovation will come soon enough but what about the fares and the trains themselves?

London, unfortunately, is one of the most expensive cities in the world and rides on any of its transport means is expensive. It is rediculously expensive to buy a day card on the Underground that costs about 7.00 pounds or 12.00 dollars or ten euros now. Yes, it gives you freedom to move all over London as many times as you wish but what about if it is only once or twice?

As the station is one of the few overground, it gives me the opportunity to talk about its art and the effect it has on me. Let me stand for a few minutes and discuss the art you see and I always look up to enjoy and think about when in the station. What is the purpose and symbolism of the sculpture and its significance on the building of the station?

An artist, his/her thoughts ideas and intentions are hard to read unless there is written word about everything. Hard to dig out such details and thus I venture into the mind of the sculpture rather than the artist.

The robust sculpture seems to be in bronze as it looks genuinely untouched by weather conditions and the elements. Aiming straight is like the trains that come and go like bullets inside the tunnels of the London Underground. Yes, it is only an arrow in this case but the idea in my view is there. The archer is really a muscly man and that also brings home the immensity and power of the trains and the London Underground. Seemingly alive like the Archer, the trains of London run nearly 24/7 these days.

On the train within a minute of arriving to the platform. Very good service! No waiting! Few people travel to down town London as it is about 10:30 am. FREE copies of newspaper METRO are lying about. Metro newspaper keeps some of the passengers busy. Others are busy with their mobiles, which nowadays is the predominant occupation of all riders of the underground either the trains are packed or empty. Humanity is conqured by technology and interaction, communication amongst us is less and less. Where will this lead us is open to question but, for sure to more alienation and less humanity inside and outside us.

Noisy rail tracks and the train is moving fast through stations and tunnels. All quiet! The passengers keep to themselves and the train is getting into central London within twenty minutes. It is amazing how fast one can get to London’s heart from the suburbs of the metropolis. The Underground is a blessing but also a curse for those looking to buy a house in London. Prices are indeed forbidding and an underground station near any house or flat adds tens of thousands of pounds on the value of any property.

Down town London! Leicester Square!

The tunnels are passed and gone now. The station is bright at points but not always. Leicester Square is a very busy station and especially after six o’clock in the evening, rush hour and later. Why? Simply because this is the centre of London, this is the heart beat of London. Theatres, cinemas, restaurants, clubs and millions of people, locals and tourists. Add to the above many shops of any description in all the area and you might understand why this is a very busy place. Shall I mention Museums, galleries etc now?

Be back tomorrow!!

Our collection has 500 pieces of art. Here is one more for all to enjoy!

Marinos Georgaras, Fish, oil on canvas

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