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This Week I am All About London, London’s Beauty, Attractions and Art!!

31st May 2015

When you live in a big city you tend to lose yourself in it and in its daily routines that keep you ticking, going, living and hoping for a good tomorrow and a better day after tomorrow. Isn’t that the life of everybody? Isn’t that what every single one of us wishes and hopes for?

Well, I am not embarrassed to admit and hope that I do not sound boring, do not sound common place but someone whose daily life, worries, hopes and aspiration are those of most of you readers or all of you readers.

Living in London might sound and seem boring to many people living in better, more steady climes and weathers but… Let me assure you of this: When London is at its best weather, it is very hard to beat this city of cities as it has all it needs, all it takes to make a city Unique, Authentic and the place to be in and live in. So, world, London is not just for me and the next door neighbour but for all the world to admire, live in and enjoy.

My journey into London’s life and attractions start today from the outskirts of London where I live and have my base. Nothing much to boast about but everything to live and talk about. I start with this beautiful Church that is my starting point on a daily basis. Crossing myself, saying a short prayer and asking for help for me, my family and the whole world. May all the powers from above help all Humanity!

The Church of All Saints is my kind of Church!!

The whole world is out there for all us to see and admire but our intimate, our close, living world is our real world. The house I live in and children grew up, the street I meet many neighbours and say good morning and hello, the church that hears prayers loud and silent. This is the world of London and the area I live in close to the house. The walk to the underground is as pleasant today as it can ever be. Sun shining brightly, trees dressed in green with lots of flowers on many and the houses look beautiful in rows of red brick, white colour and red and black slated roofs. Chimneys really on all of them and I like this unique, this soldier like array and columns of houses along the way to the station for central London.

The street of London is typical in most of London. Row upon row of houses in a very unique town plan, road plan and houses that vary very little. Small gardens to the front, bigger ones to the back and this alone makes London one beautiful city with houses stretching about 50 miles, yes that is about 80 Km from North to South. The high rising building here and there bothers the eye, it bothers me too, as it spoils the uniqueness and beauty of London but, that is house planning, social planning and Humanity for you and me!!

Art and architecture of the 1920s-30’s, the houses are well kept, the streets clean and tidy and walking down the road to get to the station is a pleasure and joy rather than obstacles of dirt here and there. This is what makes the neighbourhood desirable, livable and most of London is like this. Clean, beautiful in sunshine in a spring morning in 2015. Yes, many of us say Paris in the spring but..

Look at London in the spring and you cannot fail to like the place and they way the city has developed into the Metropolis of today over the last five hundred years!!

My intention is to make London today a subject for my Blog for one whole week and if need longer. If I failed to show why collecting art in London is a passion, you will get the idea when I talk about auctions here and there and everywhere. Thus art does not live in the street of London alone but within houses like mine, within auctions and galleries one cannot see in a few days. Just impossible! So much on offer, such culture from art, to theatre, cinema, galleries museums etc

The taste is good but how about a little more than that with my collection playing a part every time I write a new entry here?

The Musicians of Cyprus by Antonis Andreadis

A beautiful large oil on canvas of the musicains from Cyprus playing the traditional music instruements violin and Lagouto or Tamboura!

Yes, not an art directly connected with London but how far is Cyprus, since I bring it here to you and for you to admire? Culture, tradition and art from far away and yet, here in London!!

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