London Centre of Modern and Impressionist Art Sales This Week


Sothebys and Christies Have The Art

This is another week in the art world that will attract many a billionaires and will excite the audiences at Sothebys and Christies. Art of top quality is on offer and millions, tens of millions will be in play tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at the two mega auctions.

From early impressionists Manet, Renoir, Pissaro, to Gauguin, Derain, Monet, Picasso, Dali and Miro and later masters, this is a week of serious art business for London and its two top auctions!!

Follow our review of the auction sales this week today. Camera and soul walking through the top art created over the last 150 years by the top masters of the world.

Kasimir Malevic

The top lot at Sothebys, early Malevich, is the painting that makes people turn and wonder at the art of one of Russia’s most important artists. Abstract art of about 1914-16 was pioneer and it was the beginning of the abstract art we see today. At 20 million plus it remains to be seen how much investors can pay for art or artist who comes from a country not in favour at the moment.

Suprematist Constructivist Composition

Early morning and the sun sort of shines over London. I have to get out of the house early as I am afraid of the rain, if it comes today. Quick breakfast of just a banana and take the road to the tube in a brisk pace. Five minutes later and the first drops of rain gently touch my face. It’s nothing , I kid myself. It will be just a few drops. A few more drops by the time I enter the Underground station and I find protection from the wet.

Feel no rain see no rain and the tarin is moving fast to Oxford Street after I change quickly at Euston Station. Great service, fast service and soon enough I am on Oxford Street cursing the weather and damning myself. The rain is coming down a little heavier now but I have NO time to waste. At brisk walk and walking close to the buildings as I had no umbrella, I entered Sothebys through the back entrance on George Street. Relief and immediately to the show rooms of the Impressionist and Modern Art. Stop!!

I am stopping for a few minutes to look at Contemporary Art be sold next week and for which I will come back by the weekend.

Up the stairs in the main Galleries where many people look at art, talk with experts i know and I stop to have a good looka t Maleviche’s work, which takes the main spot on the entrance. Different, pioneer but, I expected something bigger. I am used to seeing big Russian canvases and especially the Alexandra Exter I once owned.

Alexandra Exter

The Malevich is much smaller but still impressive. Hope it does well on Wednesday. My eye catches a Picasso to the right and many other paintings scattered in other rooms. I am indeed lost for words on what to see first, what to go nearer and examine from close range and how to bring to you readers here the impressions and emotions generated by these incredibly expensive paintings.

Impressionist art I like and I love. Modern art which is mixed for commercial and marketing reasons I find very unimportant and weak in many respects. Huge Warhols of American Dollars do not impress me but I must admit interest me. But I will come back to Contemporary Art later.

Do I like the Derain fauve? Yes, I love it. Important, different and unique in many ways. What about Gauguin, the Degas etc?

Picasso? But why not Picasso?

Lovely painting that shows Picasso in all his humanity. A beautiful image that is worth a lot of money even though not very big

Auguste Macke

An impressive painting by the German master. Yes, it might not be the most expensive but in the yes of an onlooker who is interested in evocative art, art that inspires and show an artist at its best, I find the Macke painting very interesting.

My stroll and viewing at Sothebys took me to so many paintings, so many styles and subjects that now in front of my computer I think and write: Which is the most important? The artist, the subject, the style, the period? What is it?

I do not want to do a disservice to so many good paintings, thus I am coming back tomorrow for more of my impressions at Sothebys and Christies.

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