London In Early Summer V, 9th June


London is The Most Popular Tourist Destination on the Planet!!

Lucky you resident of London!

Lucky you citizen of London with all its deversity, its popular sights and art world that stretches from great galleries to Museums and the biggest auctions in the world, Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams. All the major auctions within walking distance in the centre of London on Bond Street and St James’ Palace!!

Spread around the three mega auctions of London are innumerous galleries that offer anything of art interest to suit any pocket; Old Masters, to 19th Century art, Impressionist art and modern and Contemporary art. The quality is there, the establishments are there to satisfy any demand.

Lynn Chadwick selling at Bonhams in Modern British Sale of 10th June

Sold for 134,000

Join me tomorrow to see where London art lovers spend their money and what they are after. From the Royal Academy to the auctions and the galleries around Bond Street! How does an auction in London fare with its sale of Modern British art?

10th June 2015

London is a vast Metropolis that needs months of exploration let alone a few hours to do it. However, I am dealing with only a few aspects of London today and tonight in particular. It has been a very long day in central London and at the auction that can measure the strength of the market and the pocket of the British people in this case. Tomorrow I will be talking about the strength of the pockets of Indian investors as I will deal with the sale of Indian art at Christies.

But first at Bonhams London and on Bond Street. The flag of Bonhams salutes you on the outside and the doors as modern as the auction, refurbished in the last two years, open automatically to let you in spite the doorman standing just inside the corridor of the auction waiting to welcome you in. Luxury is now a status for these auctions and Bonhams had gone to great lengths to give the auction luxury, comfort and plenty of exhibition room and sale rooms too.

The big exhibition rooms at Bonhams were used to exhibit the works without cramming them next to each other. I went round the rooms and enjoyed some of the exhibits among which the female artists took particular place and attracted attention too. The Chadwick above and the Frink of a Horse In Rain were prominently exhibited and expected to make the sale successful, which I hasten to add they did.

That was about 12.00 noon and I had already been at Christies to view the Indian sale of the afternoon. I walked all the way from St James’ Square to the the top of Bond Street enjoying most of the art London has to show plus all the top shops of the world from Luis Vuitton to Burburys, from Bally to Pinet etc.. That I will deal with in tomorrow’s entry.

British Modern art is on the up and prices at Bonhams confirmed the results of yesterday at Sothebys. The sale was extremely robust with plenty of bidders on the phone, the internet and in the room. At times the auctioneer had difficulty with the bids but it is always a good director that brings in the crowds or the money and the money was certaintly good with some robust prices.

Unfortunately I have no images of the works in question at the moment, need the camera to charge and load them etc but plenty will be up tomorrow alongside London’s plethora of images and the a new entry on the blog.

Piper sold for 31,000

Moore’s Nude, which I particularly liked sold for 17,000

Hitchens attractive landscapes always popular made 50,000

Frinks Horse in the Rain as mentioned above was the top lot in money terms selling for 170,000

Among the best prices and a surprise to be honest was the sale of Algernon Newton’s London from Hamsterad which attracted prolonged bidding and achived a great price of 128,000 pounds.

Be back tomorrow with more about London, its shops and its attractions!!

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