London is Beautiful, Culture Reigns Supreme!!


Culture From around The World Makes London Tick!

The world has become a very small place in our days not just because humans have multiplied successfully in the last seventy years but also because certain centres of humanity have become the honeycomb of the world. London is one of those magnets on the planet where all the world would love to come and live in a FREE society, a tolerant society and I have to also say affluent place.

My trip to downtown London was not planned as such but little did I know that non my way to Christies to view South East Asian Art I was going to pass the Grosvenor- Vadehra Gallery just before I reached Christies. Interesting big painting from the window and with NO second thoughts I knocked on the window to be let in as the attendant was sorting out the exhibition of Krishen Khanna, now open up until 10th July. India in London is not new and of course collectors of Indian art are very active world wide.

Art From India at VADEHRA

The theme of the exhibition another art – Music and Musicians of India or Bandwalla as the artist calls these series of art of his.

Be back this evening with the visit to Christies and Indian art of Today!!

Turning the corner to the righr I am at the back of Christies plus other galleries selling Modern, Old Master paintings plus frames of bespoke quality and worth a few thousand pounds each. St Jame’s Palace Street is where one can find the headquarters of Christies in London. The whole block is Chritsies now bar a few shops which I am sure Christies will acquire , if they come on the market. Nothing to take away from the giant Auction House which now boast the biggest sales results worldwide.

Extensive windows to the front of the building advertising the South East Asian Sales. Grand entrance and facade betray the well being of the auction and its business worldwide.

The changes at these auctions are routine and dioaly. This room is that room, this space becomes that one and so as the norm now the front left of the entrance of Christeis where consultation rooms used to be and then catalogues area is now a beautifully arranged cafe. A good addition and something that the main rivals have added for their clients a long time ago.

Straigh up to the sales rooms where an auction is on. Audience quiet, auctioneer loud but I am not at the auction house to bid or buy but to view and write about!

What else to write about thatn the following sculpture that kept me rooted for a few minutes in the main rooms of Christies. recognise the piece as by one of the most talented artists of 20th century British art.

Barbara Hepworth!

Astonishingly magnificent, wonderful composition and unique in many ways!

The abstract composition of Heworth took my breath away but also reminded me of my origins and the influence of Classical Greece on all aspects of life in the West!! I see Greek in it, I interpret it my way but the beauty of it is that you and many other millions see something else in the same art!!

Be back tomorrow to review Indian Art and talk about the myriad aspects and merits of it!

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