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Royal Academy Exhibit Impresses and Gives Food For Thought!

Getting out of Christies and after I viewed the Indian paintings on show, I passed through the main hall again. I stopped once more, I looked again, I circled round the Barbara Hepworth sculpture in the hall mesmerized and in awe and left full of satisfaction and time well spent in the rooms of Christies. I saw good art, I saw minds of artist challenging me to think beyond the obvious reality or shades of reality and embrace the abstract that has a voice and a spirit speaking to me.

Barbara Hepworth

Is it two figures, is it a couple, it two birds, two penguins or what? This is the extraordinary power of abstract art and an artist wishing to challenge his’her audience!

Onto St James Street and in the sunshine, hazy skies of London. Quiet here, the traffic very little. Turning into Duke Street where many galleries attract the passerby or the art lover. Abstract art in one gallery, fine Japanese art in another, old masters further up and the taste is the guiding force for anyone wishing to splash the cast. No lack of merchandise and investment opportunities. Money is the issue as most of the art here is indeed of the highest quality.

Japanese Art of the Highest Quality

Dorothea Sharp

One wonders where these beautiful paintings by Dorothea Sharp when sold at auction end up. The answer is here in the window of one of the most historic galleries of London. MacDonald – Mason. Impressive painting with all the charm of a Sharp painting.

Duke Street leads to Piccadilly and just on the corner of Duke and Piccadilly is Fortnum & Mason, one of the most historic Shops of London. Imposing with its old image, capturing the eye with its uniqueness and Art Deco image. Shall I go in today? Time is of essence and I need to move on in order to view the Modern British sale at Bonhams plus all the rest on my way there.

To cross opposite here, is to find yourself just in front of the entrance to the Royal Academy. Traffic heavy, pedestrians impatient to cross and the pollution is suffocating. This is in a London where the inner zone circulation has a congestion charge of prohibitive highs, yet traffic is maddeningly heavy, noisy and sort of repelling the pedestrian and shopper. In spite of all these negative factors London acts as a magnet to tourists from all over the world.

Crossing quickly and as carefully as possible, I find myself just at the entrance to the building of Royal Academy in the distance. Summer Exhibition on but that is not for me today. However, the monumental sculpture or structure just in front of the entrance attracts me like magnet! Let’s see what this all about. I am drawn to it like it was a piece of powerful magnet!

I look at this structure, I go round it, I take a few shots and I stand. I ask my wife and myself, What is this? Who is this by? The constructivist or whatever structure is certainly impressive, for sure huge and if the artist wanted to arouse interest in the work that has been achieved with additional dosage. Is it a tree, flowers, a mushrooming city or space structure? What is it and what does it mean.

That is what I am trying to convey here! See what you see, I see what I see and the artist intends us to see our own interpretation in his/her work!!


What can I show you readers from our own collection?

Maheras Monastery, Cyprus by Vasilis Zenetzis

Is the spiritual and the real as good as the abstract and the concepts residing in the artists mind?

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