London the Capital of Diversity and Culture


Oxford Street- Bond Street

The centre of London is sort of the centre of the universe for Londoners but it seems to me for many other nationalities who visit London from all the world. From Trafalgar Square to Oxford Street- Bond Street- Regent Street this is the heart of London, this is where millions push and shove daily to go on their business, to stroll, to shop and to enjoy an atmosphere unique only to London!

Welcome to the HEART beat of London!!

Oxford Circus is where the millions mix, they come and go on buses, double decker Red Bus, the stamp of London, this is where the underground roars every few seconds and this is where major department stores parade one after the other calling shoppers like sirens.

Let me take a few steps back and start from New Bond Street in order to give my readers the idea of how I end up on Oxford Street and how the selected pedestrians on the richest street of London, become a sea of humanity at its top end on Oxford Street.

Berberrys on the corner and I stop and look. Real beauty, real quality but prices? Forget that. Not for poor people like me and you. It is for the rich or for that one occasion in a lifetime. It was not for today nor yestarday. Perhaps one day in my next life it seems. Over the busy cross road and I come to the known haunts of mine. Richard Greek Galleries left and right and then Sothebys. This is not a Sothebys day nor any gallery to go in and view art. Too much to do at Bonhams further up and on Oxford Street. I can afford a jacket for the summer, my wife says. Also a pair of summer trousers. I am not bothered with my dressing these days. Yes, I do like good clothes but I am not spending hundreds for my appearance. That was the day in the old days!

Dolce &Cabana up New Bond Street and other famous fashion shops from all over the globe. I honestly cannot refer to all of them as that will take me years to do. Up New Bond street and into the serenity of Bonhams Auction house to see art and calm down. I am to look seriously at some paintings and enjoy Modern British art. I hope to follow the auction in the afternoon in order to see how the market is at the moment, not that it gives anybody a good overview of the art market either here in London or worldwide.

Too much to do today, too weak in the brain to carry on this evening and so in the morning on Sunday now!!

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