London the Capital of Diversity and Culture


The Capital of Culture of the World

London is not just a capital. It is not just the capital of UK. It is the home of all cultures on the planet in one place. Name a country of the Commonwealth and people from these countries are here in LOndon, now citizens of UK. The total of all these humanity make up today’s London a unique capital to see, enjoy and taste not just its food in a myriad of restaurants but also its arts, its Palaces and a Queen who enjoys her day at the races and at Ascot, where her horses have run today but unfortunately NO winners.

Out of the Royal Academy and into the Arcade next to it where boutiques of high quality cater for clothes, shoes, jewellery, sweets and many other wares.

The two arcades on either side of Piccadilly Street are the pride of central London. Well presented boutiques with top quality items welcome the visitors and clients. My eye is always on the exquisite and unusual and nothing better takes my eye than the shoes. Real quality but one has to have a deep pocket to afford these items.

On to the other side of the arcade and find myself on Dover Street with galleries inviting the many art collectors who at times flood London to attend auctions and invest in top quality art. I am surprised at the street that used to be the attraction of many a collector. Galleries closed, poor windows and only the Messum Gallery seems to be enjoying some kind of business. I am astounded that major galleries closed. What happened to them? Well, competition is too high, expenses are enormous and that leads to closures and bankruptcies. In addition the internet makes trading on line possible and very affordable.

I hasten to leave behind the misery of the street. It is really shocking to say the least. Turn left and there at the corner imposing with its unique windows and decoration of them is Louis Vuitton fashion house in London. Woouuuu as always their windows. Works of art that seem to be the work of Murakami. I am not sure!!

I do not dare go inside. I look and admire the work of the artists and interior designers who put these window shows together. They are not wasted talents, they are servants of art and culture and deserve plenty of applause. Just next to Louis Vuitton is UK’s own fashion group, Berberrys.

Berberrys are not far behind Vuitton in design, quality and ambition to be at the top of the fashion world. Their earlier CEO happened to go to the same University as myself in the USA. That was a blessing for me a few years back when I was invited to see their premises, hear the CEO talk and be given goodies of the company high fashion items.

I look at the window, I marvel at the designs and the art put into these bags etc. They are really works of art and the price tags on them indicates how expensive they are to put together. Old Bond Street is across Burberrys and my walk through the heart of London is gathering steam and interest. I cannot finish it in one go and therefore tomorrow I intend to put pen to paper for another entry.

I forgot to add our own art here. Small but pretty I am saying!!

Please join me tomorrow again!!

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