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Bonhams and Peace from Traffic and Crowds

The auction house stands at the top of Bond Street with two entrances and exits. It has been renovated, it has been upgraded and the quality of sales are also moved up a notch in an effort to compete with the two main rivals, Christies and Sothebys. The luxury is obvious, the general well being of the auction clearly visible.

Modern British art on show and some of the pieces on sale I like a lot. Landscapes and seascpaes I find always attractive but I also appreciate contemporary abstract art as I have already explained. This view of Cornwall by Alan Lwandes stands out for its blue colouration and its size. Yes, name of an artist matters but size matters too.

I go from wall to will admiring the pieces on sale but I find the cramming of them undesirable. Paintings need space to breathe like humans. Given space they shine, in a crowd they get buried and drown.

Onto the next room where there is more space and I like the Davies painting I provide an image of here. Big, impressive and art to be more valuable in the future for sure. I have no clue about the meaning of the painting but that is I suppose the beauty of it. Interpret it your way!

Out of Bonhams and about fifty yards from Oxford Street. The maddening crowd of shoppers, visitors, people crowding the narrow pavements of the biggests and most popular shopping centre on the planet is overwhelming. It is difficult to walk on any day on this street. It is the street of millions, the street of billions of trading daily. It shows it in the names of its shops and the millions of people going in and out of the stores crowding the street and doing business. Red buses up and down in convoys, black TAXIS in competition with buses and London’s jungle in the heart of it is nearly complete.

I walk and enjoy for a few minutes this world that I avoid to get involved in regularly. Not for me any more but the young people are here. They are the heart beat of this place. Fifty yards, one hundred yards, two hundred yards and I want out. Let’s go out of here, out of this maddening crowd. Let’s have something to eat and drink I suggest and my wife knows the area inside out. She a frequent visitor/shopper but on her own, not with me.

Let’s go somewhere I know she says. It’s good, it’s quiet and pleasant. She is convincing and she knows. Opposite and then oops, in here she says and I find myself in this narrow tributary of Oxford Street, you miss it if you know not about it. In we go and the narrow lane is indeed crowded initially.

The lane leads us to a square where restaurants, cafes and other shops welcome the visitor and local to sit and relax. Carluccio’s is here. There opposite. A known restaurant from food programmes on TV. Never been here before, never known about it but then again, I am a man of art and mental issues, not of food and stomach that much.

Beautiful square with plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops and people to keep the onlooker busy while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a sandwich. One might think costly, but not really. A cup of coffee for 2.50 and a sandwich for 3.00 is not expensive anywhere in London, let alone here in the heart of it. However, this is lunch time, this is something quick and prices go up in the evening and depending where you sit.

Half an hour passes, one hour and I feel rested and ready to move on and see where my camera and my step will take me next. I know not, I planned it not.

Be back tomorrow!!

One piece of art from our stock is in order here!

At the Coffeeshop, Athens Greece by Angelos Papadopoulos

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