London’s Culture Through Christies Auction Rooms


A World on its Own, of its Own Inside Mega Auctions of London

The Barabara Hepworth staggering sculpture impressed me immensely, to say the least. However, I promised myself to return, admire more the piece and see the Modern British Paintings show in a few days time. To India now through Indian art of the top quality and by their top artists of today.

The show stretched from corridor to corridor, a big room and then corridors again and again. Not the best way to see this art in its totality but Christies gave each painting small or large plenty of breathing space to look at it and enjoy it.

Syed Raza was well represented with several pieces. A major name in Indian art who painted many pieces. I chose one that was of medium size but showed all his artistry and all ability to paint in a very contemporary style for our times and demands off any artist.

Artists do paint for their own satisfaction and inner desires but they also have to live, have to make money to survive and satisfy other social and business occupations. Who knows why? The painting stopped me for a few seconds as it was the first after I spent time admiring the Hepworth statue.

Walking into to the main showroom I was immediately struck by the large size of paintings by artists such as Husain, Gaitonde and Mehta. These are the top names of Contemporary Indian Art and one feels that there is something unique about their works once your eyes set on them and look carefully.

After I walked several times from one painting by Husain to another in the main room, I stood for a few good minutes looking at the small painting by Amrita Sher-Gil. Small, sweet, unique and absolutely magnetising the viewer. It looked like an old master painting, with that appeal, that magnetising impact on me. It was amazing how I, after I had seen so many paintings of similar content, I stopped, I looked and looked again to see why I was so impressed. Well, it was not just me. Christies experts loved it, the collectors adored it and they paid well over the one million estimate. It is worthwhile including the adorable image once again here!!

Beautiful, beautiful, Self Portrait?

My London expedition, can I call it that is now getting outside Christies but all around here one can see art and more art!!

Be back in the evening for more!!

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