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LOVE by Robert Indiana

The iconic images of Robert Indiana on Love can only remind all Humanity that art is pivotal in our lives and our well being!

It would be an injustice to us if we used images such as the above but forgot that love is not just an array of words but also images that show us how love is treated by many artists throughout the millenia!

We will be back with an extensive article on LOVE and how it affects us all, all the time!

Motherrly Love in Winter by Elias Atzitiris

Queen Anna Maria and Her Mum by Ingrald- Lund

The most important emotion a human possesses is LOVE. Love for mum as soon as we are born, love for dad and siblings, love for all our small possessions and then love for our immediate environment, people we know, places we know and our country, countrymen and all Humanity to extend it to the whole world.

The idea of LOVE has been the subject of millions of people of the arts. Artists never forgot its importance and always tried to express through Fine Art the deepest emotion in the soul of man. Mothers sacrificing themselves for their children is not uncommon, people sacrificing themselves for country and Highest Ideals of Humanity!

Many poets, many novel writers, musicians and dancers glorified LOVE and as much as we say here will be just too little and too awkward. I close the entry of today with the best image in the Hellenes Exhition that speaks of love of mothers and siblings, husbands, brothers etc!

Euterpe Ionnides, Istanbul Slave Bazar with Greek Women Fighting for FREEDOM and Family

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