Zenetzis painted the area of Monastiraki with passion and immense love. He immortalised the area of Monastiraki, Plaka and the Acropolis like no other Greek artist has done before or until today. He lived in the area, he loved the area and he put his soul in the paintings that immortalise central Athens with the Acropolis at the heart of everything.




Monastiraki Athens, with Acropolis Beyond

signed, signed and titled on reverse, painted 2000

60 x 90 cm

Condition: In mint condition

Provenance: The artist 2000

Exhibitions: Philippouli Gallery, Kolonaki – Athens, Athens Olympics 2004, 13th – 29th August 2004,  number 4

Greek Cypriot Brotherhood Centre, London Athens-London Olympics 2004-2012, 14th – 27th November 2011, number 19, illustrated in colour in the exhibition catalogue

Greeks Cypriot Brotherhood Centre, London, The Parthenon Exhibition, 10th March – 10th April 2015, number 10, illustrated in colour in the catalogue to the exhibition.

Literature: Vasilis Zenetzis, Impressions of Hellas 2020, page 87, number 45

Please note that exhibited works of art as well as those in art publications are more valuable than others. This work of Zenetzis is well exhibited and beautifully illustrated in his monograph, Impressions of Hellas 2020, published in London


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