Roy Lichtenstein and The Nurse


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Heroines of Humanity

Roy Lichtenestein was one of the top POP artists of the 1960s and later. His images moved the people, his imagery brought to our attention the people who matter, the images that matter and those who really make a difference in our lives and indeed our Life and Death in moments of truth on this planet.

The Nurse by Lichtenstein came up for sale in New York this Fall and the expectations were high. It was not so much the size, not the outlandish subject that made this painting a magnet. It was the image of a NURSE.

All of us know what a Nurse might be in our lives. All of us know what a duty, what a God send job /profession they do and it becomes very easy to comprehend the desire by the big collectors of such an image an image that in many eyes is a heroine/hero in our lives.

From birth as babies, to death as humans at old age we are in the hands of this Humanity called NURSE. We rely on them, we let ourselves be taken care of, nurse to life or assist in a peaceful passage to the next life, next world.

The magnificence of the painting lies in its Great Humanity and the 100 million odd paid for it is in my view a small tribute to Human Beings who dedicate their lives for our lives!

This image was a landmark sale of the art auctions of the last quarter of 2015. Many more became part of art history and those we will try to bring here once again for all to enjoy and keep in mind!

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