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Ten Thousand Artists


We are very proud to announce that we are launching our 10,000 Artists list as a reference price guide to our readers and visitors.

What is 10,000 Artists?

Simply put, it’s a comprehensive list of ten thousand artists from all over the world from 1850- to today. Each entry will have the following information:

1: Full Name

2: Birth and Death dates if available

3: Artist Nationality

4: Artist price brackets – making it easier for you to spot that bargain when it turns up at your local sale room.

5. Most importantly, as of January we will supplement the 10000 artists with new updated auction prices and new names of artists in order to make our service more up to date and more complete.

This service will also be further backed by greeksinart more comprehensive data base, when a reader needs further assistance in order to make an investment or sale.

We charge a nominal fee of £25 per annum which can safely be paid via Paypal on site. Please take into account that major art data firms charge the above amount for one day’s visit with limited access.

If you would like access to the Ten Thousand Artists section. Please email us here