The Hellenes Exhibition, 16th nov.- 18th December 2015


Freedom Deserves Many Exhibitions

Our next exhibition, “The Hellenes” has not only to do with The Hellenes but also with the whole Humanity. Humanity at this moment and time is at the crossroads of serious problems. These problems can lead the world into a new face of prosperity and Human Values of FREEDOM, Democracy, Fairness and Justice or plunge it into the abyss, with catastrophic consequences for the whole human race.

The Hellenes Exhibition attempts to support and foster Humanity’s highest ideals as founded by Ancient Greeks and espoused by Modern World in words mostly, rather than actions. Even though the title of the exhibition refers to Hellenes, the messages we attempt to send out to the whole world are relevant and apply to all people on our planet.

Humanity cannot be at home for a few nations and a few people, whereas other nations and people are driven to despair and hunger for many reasons that this space is not appropriate to explore and discuss!

The Acropolis in Athens

The Parthenon on the Acropolis, Athens

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