The Importance of Abstract Art and Its Attraction


Why is Abstract Art So Popular?

Is it the artists involved?

Is it the art itself?

Is it the puzzling, impossible to interpret content of this type of art?

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Which is the message of Costas Coulentianos for Number One example of this piece of constructivist art?

Abstract art, Untitled is Possibly the description by many and the artist perhaps of this piece!

Why is this piece of constructivist art untitled? Simply because the artist wants the viewer to look at at and start thinking;

What is this?

What does the artist want to say to me?

What do I get out of this piece of art looking at it?

What messages and feelings does it send over to me looking at it right now and do I respond inside?

In eesence modern, contemporary abstract art is a challenge for anyone looking at a piece of art to interpret it and make it its own. This is the magic of it because time and again the meaning changes, the messages change and they are different for all viewers and at different times too.

Thus I arrive to my interpretation and title of the work, which reflects my own feelings and own understanding of the work. In an exhibition of the same piece but of number two and three of the example, the Benaki Museum in Athens used the title

” Untitled”

Well, that was the curators view which nobody dispute, their opinion, as my opinion and view is different and I call the work, I title it rather

” The Spirit of FREEDOM”

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