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The Importance of Art in Human Life and Struggles of FREEDOM!


The Importance of Art in Human Life and Struggles of FREEDOM!

Humanity has been blessed to be able to express itself in many ways than one. The biggest blessing, the highest blessing endowed to us by our DNA and our human origins is to be FREE, roam about, travel, see, wonder, walk or run, sing and dance, write and paint.

From the depths of depravity, from the depths of inhumanity and cruelty, we witness achievements of geniuses. We witness achievements that speak not about luxuries and money, not about possessions of houses, cars or gold but about how their mind, their FREE mind brought out and left for posterity Humanity in art!

As far back as Ancient Greece which was twice destroyed by Persians in the 5th century BC was born the Parthenon, the symbol of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY of todays’ world. Out of those ruins, out of those catastrophies was born the highest symbol of our world,


The Parthenon in Athens by Vas. Zenetzis

The creative mind, the destructive mind of man is always walking hand in hand. It is never separated, it is left and right hand, it is left and right part of a human body. Thus the Spanish Civil war will inspire the biggest mind in art of 20th century, Pablo Picasso to paint Guernica!! Humanity self-destroys and then is born again from the ashes. Nature is nature!

Picasso’s Guernica

Humans never stop self destruction, never stop afflicting injury to themselves and the WWII wounds are still open. One of the artists who survived the Holocaust and narrated through his art the suffering of humanity is Paul Kallos, a survivor of the concentration camps. This is the artist we proudly show his work below and one that belongs to our collections. Freedom cannot be anything else but the highest human ideal and FREEDOM is that ideal human mind has lifted to the top of all Humanity!

Paul Kallos FREEDOM

This is July 2015. In one small corner of our world there is a country striving to be FREE and DEMOCRATIC among nations of Freedom and Democracy. We need no more wars, we need no more suffering of the human race!

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