Van Gogh- Modigliani- Basquiat! Talent or Manipulation of Market?


The New Year Begins and Our Thoughts and Ideas hopefully Assist Us All!!

The art market is reaching stratospheric levels and artists of importance are constantly assessed and re-assessed by serious, wealthy investors. Where should I put my millions and who is the best proposition at the moment?

The art market of the fifty to one hundred million dollars is dominated by only a few artists but who are these and why? We have put together a group of three artists who lived some years apart, yet in spite that they have some very common factors which we believe shape their art market and their popularity.

Vincent Van Gogh lived and worked in the 1880s but died young, just theirty-seven when he died, and unknown while alive. His art was undeniably good as a lot of other artists. Why is he the top priced Impressionist? Was it because he died young and produced little?


Amedeo Modigliani was not a star during his life at the turn of 20th century until 1920, died thrirty-six years old, but today his art sells well over 100 million dollars as the above one that sold for 170 million dollars. Why is that? Is it because he died young and produced little?

Basquiat Self Portrait

Jean Michel Basquiat sells close to fifty million for his iconic art, which I do not find attractive, to be honest, but also died young in 1988 just twenty-eight years old, and therefore his production was limited too.

Does art matter in the case of these artists or is it manipulation of their art because they produced little and that makes their art rare and more sought after?

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