VASILIS ZENETZIS (1935-2016) An Artist Who Honoured Greece With His Art



Zenetzis painting the Parthenon on the Acropolis in August 2004

Vasilis Zenetzis passed away quietly in the summer of 2016. The artist who painted Greece from Corfu to Athens, from Athens to Santorini, Rhodes and Cyprus remains very little known but standing high with his art as an impressionist, as a Greek who immortalised Greece with his paintings and as a Greek who has been recognised by the major auctions of the world as one meriting inclusion in their art sales.

           The Acropolis,  Athens                                                                 Aegina, Quay


Quality art never dies and talented artists are never forgotten. We have undertaken a serious task to bring out a small tribute to Vasilis Zenetzis and that task is coming along very well. We hope to bring out a short monograph on the artist Zenetzis and his ouevre in the next few months.

The artist who immortalised Athens of the Olympics 2004 is already in many collectors and art lovers dairies and many millions of people have seen and enjoyed his art. Our tribute to the last impressionist of Greece will be on line soon.

Peter Constant

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