22nd October 2021

Vasilis Zenetzis Monograph

VASILIS ZENETZIS ( 1935- 2016)

Vasilis Zenetzis passed away in 2016 but his work remains one of the best tributes to the man, to Greece and to Hellenism. A painter of Greece from Corfu, to Athens, to Rhodes and Cyprus, Zenetzis left behind a powerful oeuvre, which we intend to honour with a lavish Monograph, planned to be brought to the public by the autumn of this year. The last Impressionist of Greece has played a pivotal role in the art scene of Greece and Hellenism and an appropriate position in the art history of the nation is due to him. Furthermore, international major auctioneers considered his work meriting inclusion in their auctions, thus the world demands a better understanding of the work of the artist, which this Monograph will endeavour to bring out.