Vienna a Cultural Centre and Cafes of Fame!


Museums Are Indeed Great but Vienna City is as Great as a Whole!

Days go by quickly when on a short visit and in Vienna the first day really galloped away quickly and it was about eight in the evening by the time we relaxed after the visit to Leopold Museum and the Schiele- Klimpt show. What do you do in a city you know virtually nothing about? Where do you go and how do you spend the evening?

Dinner was quick at about 4.00 pm and so there was no dinner issue but a drink, a stroll and seeing how the Viennese pass their time was imperative. Where to go and what to do was the question! WE knew of great cafes in Vienna but where were they and how do you get there from the hotel? No issue of getting a taxi anywhere; we wanted to explore and find out!

Let’s walk and explore was the decision but which direction? Any direction will do and so onto the road and in a perfect weather with temperatures about 20C. we walked and walked. What a lovely surprise! I always thought Vienna was cold, very cold but I was very wrong on this occasion. No cold, no rain and indeed absolutely fabulous weather which made air conditioning necessary in our luxurious rooms.

Walk and walk five, ten minutes, half hour but nothing to catch our attention and inspire us to go in. It was no good sign but nevertheless we finally sat in a nearby Cafe that had just a couple of clients scattered around. Empty really! Is that Vienna at night? Forthunately the young waitress was friendly, spoke very good English and so on to our drinks. Time passed quickly and by 9:30 groups of older people walked in and the place was all of a sudden very busy. Perhaps the Viennese go out late and after nine, which is normal in Europe!

Small talk, unimpressive surroundings and that was not what I had in mind for a good Cafe. Yes, old, yes in a good location but not for me. In any case, we had just one drink and tired we headed for the hotle ready to sleep and get ready for the next day. Hot. too hot in the room and impossible to sleep until the air condition was set to the right temperature. Rough night for me, as I can never sleep well in a new bed the first night. That is anywhere I am!

The Sisi Museum in Central Vienna

The image is a small taste of what the Royal Collection in the Museum has to offer. Indeed very fine items but my taste is Fine Art and and more art. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the various collections of the Museum which were very popular judging from the crowds thronging all the rooms where the displays were shown.

By the time we finished the visit to the museum we were virtually exhausted and looked for the real Cafes, the Cafes of repute. It was day time and we could see and walk around. Soon we were upon the cafe Sigmund Freud sat for long with his friends. Ha Ha!!

Apologies, I cannot remember the name now!!

This is the place guys. Not the one of last night!! Let’s sit here. Let’s have a sweet here, a coffee and lets enjoy the day and the opportunity!! Do not know whether I will see Vienna again. Great weather, great view and sitting outside was as pleasant as I would have hoped.

The place is buzzing and high society Vienna is flooding the place that stretches quite a few meters along the road. It was a perfect day for ice-cream and that I intended to have Diabetes no Diabetes. It was an opportunity I could not miss. More interested I was in the people, in the waiters, in the place itself. History in these places is important!

The waiter very polite. English perfect as nearly everywhere in Vienna. I am impressed! Everything goes smoothly and soon drinks, sweets and ice cream on the table inviting us to a feast but…

I am sad I cannot have one and two sweets in this place!! Health hazard they are!!

My wife goes to the toilet with her friend and I enjoy my ice cream. She comes out enthusiastic. Go in and see she says. Come on. Go in. I needed no more. It was not so much the surroundings inside that she got excited so much about but the sweets displayed in the back of the Cafe.

Wou!! I am so hungry for sweets but my friend Peter says: NO!! Stop sweets!!

Three o’clock in the afternoon!!

Onwards we go to explore and ..

Guys, my wife shouts. This is another famous Cafe. Let’s go in. Come on. Quickly inside and the result was fatal attraction I can say. Sit, lets eat some sweets guys. It was one of those surroundings thronging with people but what I could not stop looking at where the sweets were and the fabulous decor of the place. It was astoundingly magnificent!!

My friend Helen here is beaming with happiness and behind her you can see what I mean. Images are poor but at least a small taste is in place here!! Sweets of some magnificence, tastes of outstanding Viennese mastery and I loved it. Enjoyed it as much as the earlier one. That is what I was looking for to see, eat and sit at. Journey worth every penny guys!!

Hang on in there. This is only the first day!! Be back with Klimpt tomorrow!!

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