Third Night in Vienna and Hungry Plus

The culture of Vienna is unparalleled and I just had only a small taste of it. No Opera, No Johann Strauss concerts and so on. It was just a very short visit and certain things needed long preparation and advanced booking. Thus, they were left for another, longer visit, if that is possible to happen in the near future.

One thing that cannot be left for later and of primary importance however is food, glorious food. The cuisine of every country is unique and well reported but there is always something that hits a cord with a person, with one special place or a special feature of the food in every city or country you might happen to be.

Vienna is well known for its cafes and sweets and about those I have already spoken earlier in other entries!

The evening was perfect and we were starving. Very hungry after the exertions of the day and a very light something at lunch. We had to find a welcoming place with good food but not very far. The centre of Vienna has many restaurants but which one is that one, hard to know. It happens all the time and this was another occasion where we followed the easy option. The busier the place, the better the place!!

Central Vienna and at the Shops

After a walk of about twenty minutes and while we looked at shops and eateries we came to a tavern/pub that sort of spoke of many people and a lot of busy waiters and waitresses rushing about. No more walking was needed as the pub looked more than decent, the people were well groomed and polite and the environment more than pleasant. Pity we could not sit outside as the night was really magnificent andd sort of summery with temperatures aroung the low twenties. It was indeed very busy but inside there were a couple of tables to choose from, which was a relif as we really liked the place and we were very, very hungry.

Away from the crowds and in one corner where we could see everything that was happening in the place we sat waiting for service. Soon enough a polite waitress came to assist us. Really pretty and well mannered! That made me hungrier as she was indeed patient and very helpful. Her English perfect! Much better than mine I thought from the accent and comfort she used the lingo. I must say here that everywhere we went, the level of English of the locals was above average and of very high standard. Who needed German, the local lingo?

House wine very good she recommended and so it proved. Hard to choose in a new restaurant but I wanted something local and something Austrian. If my memory serves me right I had something like smoked boar and cheese as a starter which was very tasty indeed. Then I chose something else as a main which was also scrumptious. Salads perfect, drinks better and main dishes absolutely fabulous.

I got so involved in enjoying that proper meal that now, I forget what the my wife and Peter’s had. Very happy indeed, smiling faces and well..

What about desert was the question to which all of us in one mouth said…

No room for anything else!

When one lives in London is used to London prices and London’s expenses. The bill came and at about £20.00 a head I found it all very reasonable and very cheap for the place and its environment. Vienna was not a place of expensive food but then again, we were not looking for such places. A coffee at a decent cafe is about four Euros, a good sweet roughly about five euros and you get the picture of a city where your pound stretches some way. Thank you British economy and strong pound. We can travel much more comfortably in Eurozone now!

It was about eleven when we returned to the hotel. It was a happy evening in Vienna, a city of many surprises and its food was among them too!!

I will sum up the culture and art of Vienna tomorrow as a final entry for the trip to Vienna!

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