Warhol Flies High, Contemporary art Soars at Sothebys in London


A Very Powerful Start and Prices are Breaking Estimates Well

Wool sells for 1.9 million to be followed by Basquiat at 4.9 and now Hockney at 2.9 million.

Protracted bidding on Frank Auerbach for nearly two million pounds with commissions. Indeed a very attractive painting that was well received.

Francis Bacon leads the sale now at 13.5 million pounds, Gerhard Richter is one of those artists who have been impressing at auction and 12.5 million for his big canvas was not bad.

Warhol starts his appearance now and the first major painting of one dollar bill up and sells for the upper estimate of 18.5 million pounds plus commissions. The dance of millions for Warhol is furious and a few bidders involved and bidding games are also in play. Auctioneer extremely patient and he is collecting the millions steadily and surely. Warhols sell very well and the focus is on other artists now.

One dollar bill is worth 18.5 million plus commissions for Andy Warhol

Be back for more later and when the sale is over!

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