We Buy and Sell Art In Confidence


Absolute confidentiality and secrecy of any deals

The web has already scared a lot of people off as a result of unscrupulous misuse of personal details. Greeksinart is a business operating since 1983 and dealing with the biggest auctions in the world Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams etc.

Your personal details and sensitive information is more than secure with us. We guarantee the safety of your personal details and that no third parties will share this information.

Why should I buy from greeksinart?

Art has become a great investment instrument, that over time has shown tremendous returns. That was obvious to the major auctions who have decided to take a big share of the pie. Not only they charge the seller when they sell your art, but also they charge the buyer an exorbitant sum of money. Between 10-20% when one sells at auction houses make a serious proportion of the sale. But, they make even more with their buyers commissions, which stands between 20-25% plus VAT and other expenses.

Do you really have to pay over the odds? Do you really have to pay 30% plus to an auction when you can possibly buy the same item at source for about half the auction price?

We guarantee all art sold by greeksinart authentic and by the artist described and attributed for ten years. If there is a dispute, it will be solved amicably and for the benefit of the buyer!

Trusting us is the first step in dealing with us!!

Please do not hesitate to contact Peter Constant if there is a concern about our website and any business you might wish to discuss with us.