When is Not an Investment a Gamble?


Where Does a Gamble Stop or When is a Gamble a Gamble?

6th January 2015 to 7th January 2015

The plan to invest in a piece of art starts most likely days or weeks in advance unless you are too busy to look weeks earlier or you are unaware of a possible gamble/bargain until a few days earlier. To speculate is part and parcel of everyday life. That is where fortunes can be made but also can be lost. Fine art has a large element of speculation in it and subjective view and opinion plays a major role. Is this correct, is it worth that much etc.

No such situation here with the Bonnington watercolour at Ewbank’s auctioneers in Surray. The estimate is low, the watercolour needs research of months and therefore, only a speculative bid in the low hundreds is reasonably expected in the rooms. However, nobody knows at this stage where the bidding will stop, if experts have spotted the item and research is being carried out at the moment these lines are inked.


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