Art is Like Any Other Investment!!

Which company, which product and why is that?

Which art, which country, which name etc

The world at the moment is like a cauldron ready to overspil and engulf us all in fire. Thinking how the rich can invest their money is not the job of the writer here because they have advisers upon advisers and experts upon experts advising them where to put their money in and of course why. They are millionaires and billionaires for a reason and all of a sudden those principles of investment will not be thrown away for any reason, any adviser or any expert.

What are the facts to support any claim in investments in art today?

A. It has always been the case that supply and demand make value and prices. The less an artist produced is better, the more renowned the artist the better, the more revolutionary the art the better. Thus, Van Gogh is not the artist he is by accident. Painted little, had unique style, had promoter with connections and all investors ever since promoted the artist because he was


b.Painted very little

c. Cost little but appreciated quickly in value due to his premature death.

d. Distinct art proven to be the darling of mega collectors.

A few more artists fall within the same category and they are as expensive as Van Gogh, Modigliani is another example where little production, premature death etc make his art the most expensive in our days.

Concluding I say: It matters not which artist; what matters is how much was produced and how connected the artist was. Any type of art will do, especially in our days when the more idiotic the subject matter the more it is appreciated.

Nationality Plays A Major Role

The art of nations is refreshingly supported by any nation doing well financially. Swedish art, Spanish art, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Chinese art were strong performers over the years from 1980 to today because the countries themselves were doing very well economically. Art prices and well doing of Nation are tightly connected.

What is the next nation to witness its art value explode?

I fail to see how any European market can jump in value. There are NO signs of that happening. African art is still in infantile position and so I am rather going to look EAST and particularly to the tiger economies of Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and India.

India is my Favourite Art Section Now

Vasudeo Gaitonde

The signs of the art of these economies improving are already there. I am sure there is much more coming and my feeling is that Indian Art has a lot of fuel to burn and a lot of billionaires to push prices forward and upwards.

The recent sales in New York did show a steady market but there are a lot of positive signs to suggest that the art of this country is on the up and will continue to be on the up with the country’s fortunes improving too. In the next ten to twenty years I forecast a useful 30-50% rise in the value of India’s art and especially the art of the 1940-2000. Any good art of the 19th early 20th century will see much bigger increase due to lack of such examples, ie scarcity.

There is NO way to guarantee such a position but we will be able to witness the movements in the art of India over the next decade and work out the later ten.

Peter Constant

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